Kaitlin Schilling, Nurse Health Coach

Welcome to the 21 Day Meal Habit Challenge!


What To Expect

The next twenty-one days will be challenging but they will also be fun! Hela Coaching’s 21 Day Meal Habit Challenge is not meant to be a three week session of rigid rules and robot behavior. The challenge includes freedom, choice, and flexibility in the process. Not because I want to make it easy for you, but simply because we are all individuals with different needs. 

The 21 Day Challenge will be broken down into three weeks. 

Each week represents a meal that you will challenge.
Week one is breakfast. Week two is lunch. Week three is dinner.

The weekly meal challenges are also broken into steps. 

Each step lasts 2-3 days and will have specific actions involved. 

The idea is to build on each healthy habit, within a meal, while also building on each meal consecutively.

Just like a staircase, the steps of the challenge build on each other. So the habits you learn in week one will also be continued in week two. 

Each email is sent the day before the challenge step will be done. For example, your first challenge step for Day 1 involves breakfast. You will receive the email with Day 1’s challenge the evening before. 

Below is the link for the free self-assessment to get started! I highly suggest completing the self-assessment - it is a creative exercise centered on dreaming and brainstorming. The self-assessment is a tool that can help you examine your roadblocks to meal planning before the real challenge begins! The self-assessment is a tool to use before, during, and after the 21 Day Meal Habit Challenge.