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Easy Green Zucchini Noodles - Hela's Simple Recipes

Like many of my dinners, this delicious green dish came together after scavenging in my fridge for leftovers. I found a zucchini, some guacamole, and leftover ingredients from a bean salad. I tossed them all together in 10 minutes and now it's my favorite go-to green meal.

And it's all gluten-free, dairy-free & plant based!

Now full disclosure:

**I am no chef! This recipe came together almost by accident (and honestly, the easyness is part of what I love)!

So please, if you have any suggestions send them my way! Otherwise, enjoy!

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Hela: An Introduction

What is Hela? Hela (hey-LA) A Swedish adjective for whole. When used as a verb, hela translates to heal or restore to health. So when I say, “Welcome to Hela Coaching,” what I really mean is, “Welcome to Hela Coaching. I can help you find healing and restoration here.”

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