My Resilience: Resourcefulness + Grace


All things worthy come out of necessity. Maybe it’s the human will to survive, but I will get the essentials done every day. I work because society operates on exchanges of time for money and money for goods. I use wrist braces when folding laundry to prevent repetitive tendon injury. I get regular shit done, like grocery shopping and showering even when I’m dead tired. 

We all have hangups that threaten healthy choices or balanced lifestyle. Chronic pain. Fatigue. Diet intolerances. Young children at home. Torn muscles. Blooming careers. Emotional stress. Financial strain. I would argue that the magic is in the modifications we use. 

Modifying how I do things is the difference between actually doing it verses not doing it. Modifying acknowledges the barrier, but then allows me to pivot to a more advantageous position. 

Modifying takes back control from chronic pain and fatigue. 

It says I can’t do much, but I can do something.

Doing something is the start of lifestyle change.

Lifestyle change is adaptability.

Adaptability is strength. 

Strength is resilience. 

Resilience is the act of rising above or growing through circumstances, in the face of adversity and difficulty.

While more research on “resilience” needs to be done, Emmy Werner, a developmental psychologist, has a few things to say about it. According to The New Yorker, Werner states that children with resilience “meet the world on their own terms. They were autonomous and independent, would seek out new experiences, and though not especially gifted, these children used whatever skills they had effectively.

Resilience sounds a lot like resourcefulness laced with grace. 

My resilience is home workouts because competitive classes zap my energy. My resilience is rocking 70s clogs because trendy stilettos inflict way too much pain. My resilience is Amazon Fresh because regular grocery shopping is just too much. My resilience is La Croix because I don’t have time for hangovers. My resilience is writing at 5am because my brain is spaghetti after dinner. My resilience is asking for help to carry bags because humility is better than aching hands. My resilience is case management because hospital nursing kills my back. 

My resilience is not what I would have planned for myself, but it’s what I choose for myself so that I can keep on keepin’ on.

How do you move forward every day? What is your resilience?


How People Learn to Become ResilientMaria Konnikova