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Video | Mindfulness: What, Why, & How!

Watch my talk on Mindfulness - why mindfulness is important for YOUR MIND + YOUR BODY!

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Video | Stress & Inflammation: What's the Link?

What's the link between stress & inflammation?! Watch to learn:

  • 5 signs of inflammation, and
  • 5 tips to prevent stress + inflammation!

P.s. don't mind the cat!

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Video | DIY Habit Busting Toolkit!

Want to beat those long-term habits in a fun, involved way? Join me and create your own DIY, physicial toolkit to break your habits!

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Video | Stress Reduction: Daydreaming + Mini-Vacations!

Want to harness that daydreaming energy for good. Why not take a mini-vacation every day, even in your most stressful moments?

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