Five Signs You Should Hire A Health Coach


It’s the question I get all the time.

“So what exactly does a health coach do?”

An integrative health coach partners with you to achieve long-term health goals that line up with your most important values. 

And really honestly, a health coach is only as good as the sustainable results you see in your life. Don’t misunderstand me - I’m not saying it’s the health coach’s responsibility for you to change your habits. But it is the health coach’s responsibility to guide you according to your values + your wisdom towards your goals. See the difference?

The best way I can explain it is with examples. So if you’re feeling stuck and you want better health and better wellness, here are a five signs you should hire a health coach!

1. You feel unmotivated. Health coaches come alongside you for the most difficult parts of your health journey. I bet there’s one or two changes you’ve been wanting to make. Whatever the problem area is, you haven’t been successful in the past and there’s fear around even trying to succeed again. If you’re feeling unmotivated, a health coach is for you. Let me repeat: a health coach is for you, not against you. We want to see our clients succeed, from the baby steps onward. You want a cheerleader, an accountability partner, someone who knows your most vulnerable health struggles? A health coach is for you.

2. You don’t know where to start. Do you have a health issue that is important to you, but you just don’t know where to begin? Health coaches help you with that. Together we figure out the best starting place for you so that you can start with small successes and gain momentum.

3. You yearn for a holistic approach. Western medicine is great. Doctors are great. But when was the last time a doctor sat with you to discuss your health plan for longer than ten minutes? It’s not their fault - really. If you hadn’t noticed, the healthcare system may work sometimes, but it’s broken. Even still, you yearn for a holistic approach, to work with a clinician who listens to your physical symptoms AND your emotional motivations. Integrative health coaches are trained to listen to your thoughts and use your lifestyle preferences. Health coaches fill in the gap that’s missing in our health care system today.

4. You want a breakthrough. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You feel like you’ve waited long enough for something to change yet nothing has. You dream of a better state of health, of better wellness, of better work-life balance. You’re ready to take positive leaps forward as soon as possible. Hiring a health coach is just the thing to propel you forward into your ideal vision of health!

5. You struggle with a specific ailment, like an autoimmune condition or food intolerance. Your healthcare team is aware of your condition but you feel there are gaps in your care. Unless you have the ability to see a naturopath, your MD likely doesn't discuss your needs at length. You struggle with nutrition needs, exercise goals, and how your condition affects you at work. Medications are helpful, but you want to seek a well-rounded approach that also accounts for lifestyle changes.

Health coaches work with clients on exactly this principle - lifestyle changes within your control that positively affect your overall vision of health.

And if you’re not convinced yet, take a look at the literature. Health coaching improves clients’ ability to manage chronic diseases long-term. Research also shows health coaching is an effective method to maintain weight, improve activity, and maintain physical and mental wellness.


Balanced? Check

Health-focused? Check.

Client-centered? Check.

Evidence-based? Check


What are you waiting for?


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