Hela: An Introduction

What is Hela?

Hela (hey-LA)

A Swedish adjective for whole. When used as a verb, hela translates to heal or restore to health.

So when I say, “Welcome to Hela Coaching,” what I really mean is

Welcome to Hela Coaching. I can help you find healing and restoration here.

What is a nurse health coach?

A nurse health coach is a lot simpler than it may sound.

Let’s start with health coach: a health coach is an advisor who partners with you to make health changes so you can live happy, healthy, and free!

A nurse is a licensed medical professional - nurses are experts! Nurses are trained to assess overall wellbeing, identify potential or real health concerns, and deliver client-centered care.

What does that mean for us??

You’re in luck!

That means that Hela Coaching can be a trusted resource for you! Whether you are looking for informative blog posts or one-on-one coaching, you can rely on Hela Coaching to be both well- rounded and professionally sound.

The goals of Hela Coaching are always centered on the goals of the Hela community. You can relax and feel comfortable here.

- Kaitlin