Know Your Rules So You Can Break Them


I’m a foodie. And we landed in New York City for a week.

New York seems to have a surplus of fresh foods - and a surplus of foods to indulge in.

Life is about balance. I’ve found the healthier I eat (healthy meaning fueling my body well, knowing what I do/do not tolerate) the better I feel. And I wanted to feel great, with lots of energy to explore the city!

I’ve learned to make all my own food rules so I also know exactly when to break them.

I’ve got my maxims. But there’s almost always an exception.

Maxim 1: Eat breakfast. Always. Rebellion: Never. I will never not eat breakfast. I will find some way to eat something every single morning, even if it’s small.

Maxim 2: Avoid greasy or sugary breakfasts. Rebellion: I’ll eat a big, greasy breakfast maybe twice a year. And even then, it’s not very enjoyable because it puts me back on the couch again for the rest of the day. If I break this rule, it’s because I want to spend time with the person across the table.

Maxim 3: Reduce dairy intake. Rebellion: Cheese is cool in small doses. Milk I don’t like too much anyways, so it’s almond milk on the regular. I keep this maxim in the back of my mind, but if I break it (say twice per week), I’m not too affected. I might have a stuffier nose or feel bloated, but that’s about it. 

Maxim 4: Avoid alcohol, pretty much 100%. Rebellion: The only way I rebel against this maxim is by tasting my husband’s craft cocktail if we’re out at a restaurant. Even then, it’s just to get an idea of the taste because like I said - I’m a foodie who loves to explore! Otherwise, this is a rule never broken. The physical malaise even one or two drinks bring (plus the depressant affect) are just not worth it for me.

Maxim 5: Avoid gluten, especially high-gluten products like pasta and pizza. Rebellion: Occasionally I’ll eat a cracker because it’s sitting in front of me at a party. Otherwise, this is a maxim I rarely break. Only a fine occasions - like visiting Roberta’s Pizza Shop in Brooklyn, NY - will get me off track. But let me tell you - rebelling to eat a freshly baked classic pizza from Roberta’s, 100% worth it. Not only was it delicious, but it had me questioning my gluten intolerance completely! At the end of the day, I found out Roberta’s ferments their pizza dough longer, sometimes up to 24 hours. This may seem unimportant - but the fermentation actually allows gluten or other wheat proteins to partially break down. The result is a less severe effect to those with wheat intolerances. HAPPY FERMENTING!

What are some of your rules? And when can you break them?



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